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Architecture innovations that could shape the future

Innovation is key when it comes to architecture, and here at KJ Architects we like to think outside of the box during the architectural design process. Our key focus is to provide sustainable solutions that are designed using eco materials; ensuring our builds across all sectors are environmentally friendly – both in terms of design and economics.

There are some very exciting architectural innovations on the horizon, which could really help to shape the future. Here are the top ones that we’ve come across:

1. Silver architecture

This is all about the ‘silver fox’ generation, considering how we can ensure the older generation are able to maintain their independence as their health declines.

Silver architecture aims to design buildings that are not only sustainable and modern, but also accommodate the needs of elderly people. This includes space for wheelchair access, stress-reducing lighting, integrating innovative acoustics to reduce background noise, safe flooring, and furniture that is accessible from a variety of levels.

2. Wounded warrior homes

Returning from war with a debilitating injury is an extremely difficult time as it is, without having to worry about how to navigate round your own house. The Wounded Warrior Project was designed by war veterans and their loved ones, specifically for those soldiers who had physical disabilities.

It’s projects like these that will make such a big difference to the lives of those who have served, helping with their recovery process. Enabling veterans to be more independent also means there is less pressure on their relatives and loved ones.

3. Dementia village

With the general population reaching a higher age, it means more and more people are living with illnesses like dementia. A cutting-edge elder care community, called Dementia Village,was recently created in Amsterdam.

The residents appear to live a normal life, but the facility allows for regular surveillance by carers. The homes form the perimeter wall of the village, meaning that there isn’t any way for a resident to wander out. Singapore is also opening its first dementia care village too – “a much needed necessity given our ageing population,” as PropertyFactSheet concluded.

4. Eco-friendly concrete

We’ve already heard about the amazing ‘self-healing concrete’ that can repair itself when it gets damaged, now there is a new eco-friendly concrete on the horizon. The manufacture of concrete has a very negative impact on the environment, due to the carbon dioxide emissions produced. One development is ‘biological concrete’, which is where plants are grown on a layer of concrete, absorbing and retaining rainwater.

An outer coating allows rainwater to reach the plants while an inner layer of waterproof membrane prevents damage to the underlying structure. This method has several advantages: the plants capture C02 and release it as oxygen, the layering acts as thermal insulation, and it absorbs heat in high temperatures too.

It’s great to see so many innovative advancements within the architecture world, and we’re very excited to see how these develop. We are committed to delivering eco design and architecture, focusing on sustainable solutions, and will be keeping a close eye on innovations that will improve our carbon footprint.

Please keep an eye on our blog for the latest industry updates.



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Architecture innovations that could shape the future