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Making your extension feel futuristic

Building an extension is a chance for a homeowner to transform their fantasy into a reality. In many cases there are few restrictions on the type and size of extension that can be built, which means there’s an opportunity to get creative. This is just as true for the inside as the outside. Coupled with the enormous technological advances in recent years, homeowners can make their new extension look and feel like something out of a science fiction magazine. In this post, we take a look at how an extension can feel futuristic.

Smart Technology

The most obvious example of modern domestic innovation is the growth of smart technology. This can include everything from dishwashers to washing machines to the lighting, all of it available for voice control through a wifi-connected hub. It presents the opportunity to embrace this new future by doing away with things typically found in the home – that might even include light switches! Depending on your taste for that sort of thing, you could even go so far as to include automatic misting windows, that turn opaque on command. Smart Tech company Intelligent Glass are effusive in their praise for this type of product:

“By adding a voice activated dimension to switchable technology, it pushes the limits of just how impressive it can be. Wow your guests and visitors like never before as you utter the slick phrase that commands your glass to switch state from clear to frosted, and vice versa. Reach a new level of convenience, style and simplicity, as we make it easier than ever for you to activate our products. The applications for this winning combination of cutting edge technologies are endless, from switchable glass stairs, to simple partitions and projection screens, the capabilities are as flexible as your creativity. As part of an effective automation system, you can watch as your office, living room, bedroom or bathroom springs to life, with switchable technology playing a key role in your window privacy or even the privacy screen of something like your shower.”

Materials and design

One of the key aspects in making your extension feel futuristic is your choice of materials. Glass is one of the more obvious avenues to explore, with natural light being very important for health and happiness. The best part about glass is that it can be made to blend with older styles of brickwork, making for a futuristic but aesthetically aware extension. Steel or aluminium are both popular choices too.

A futuristic extension doesn’t need to be limited by traditional building styles. There is an enormous library of potential extension styles online, many of which take advantage of new fashions in construction. Material choice can be combined with innovative design to produce something that visitors won’t forget, and make a statement that will last for decades.

If you’re interested in building an extension but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re after a futuristic extension or a very traditional one, our friendly team are capable of bringing your ideas to life. Take a look around our site or get in touch today.



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Making your extension feel futuristic