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One storey or two?

Building an extension is a major undertaking. Turning your fantasy into a reality means taking a hard look at your budget and making some important decisions. You’ll need to balance your needs, your wants, and your financial constraints in order to extend your home properly.

One of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether you should build a two storey extension, or stick with one. In this post, we take a look at some of the things you’ll need to take into consideration when making this decision.

Getting a good return

One of the great benefits of building a high-quality extension is the fact that in most cases, it will add value to your home. In fact, this is the reason that many people in built-up urban areas actually choose to extend their homes. You’ll be adding more living space to your property, so it should be worth more.

With the same reasoning in mind, building two storeys means more living space than building one, which may result in your home being worth more. Your first calculation should be this: is building a second storey going to add a sufficient amount to the value of your home, versus the cost of building it?

Fortunately, the numbers are on your side. In a post, @MyHomeBuilding explain: “A two-storey extension will not cost much more per square metre because, aside from the extra interior fixtures and finishes, you are only adding walls and floor joists — a roof and foundations are required whether your extension is single or two storey.”

Do you need it?

The type of extension you want to build will play a part in deciding to build a second storey. If you’re building something like an orangery to enjoy more natural light, you likely don’t need more living space and building a second storey defeats the object. If the reason for building an extension is to expand your home to make room for a new family member or to enjoy more interior space, then a second storey makes a lot more sense.

If you could benefit from a second bathroom, this would also be an opportunity to include one, particularly if your extension is only going to be one large room, rather than a series of rooms. This way the ground floor can be living space, and the second storey room can be the new bathroom or vice versa.


Building another storey is less time-consuming than the ground floor. You don’t have to dig foundations or add significant amounts of plumbing or wiring. However, building another storey does still take more time than not building it. You may need to take this into account when planning your extension. Work with your architect and builder to plan the schedule for construction.

If you’d like to learn more about building a second storey for your extension, get in touch with a member of our team today.



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One storey or two?