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The History of Architecture

The History of British Architecture

In order to create new and innovative builds, it is crucial to understand our past. Britain has a rich architectural history, with a mismatch of cultures and architectural styles, stemming from the Romans and the Saxons to the Tudors and Victorians.

Learning from architectural history

Although pre-historic buildings have been discovered over the years, our most influential architecture begins with the Anglo Saxons. Following on from the departure of the Romans, the Anglo Saxons arrived in Britain in the fifth century, however their long-standing architecture did not come into fruition until the early 11th century. Saxon churches and castles were built on a vast scale throughout the whole of Great Britain, many of which still stand strong today.

Next, along with the Normans, came the gothic style. The Norman Gothic period lasted from 1066 to 1200 and resonated well with current architectural trends throughout the rest of Europe. The period left us with beautiful buildings, still visited by thousands of people every year, including Durham Cathedral and Wells Cathedral. The Normans were also famous for perfecting the castle, creating the defensive Motte and Bailey designs we recognise today.

The next notable change in style comes from the Tudors. They brought ornate wood panelling to their buildings, creating the distinctive and striking exteriors that are still prominent in towns such as Chester, Statford Upon Avon and York.

Over the next centuries, eras such as the Elizabethan, the Georgians and the Victorians improved and altered the architectural structures. This made the buildings more durable and en vogue with the current trends, leading us to the techniques we use today.

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KJ Architects- RIBA Chartered

KJ is chartered by the Royal Institute of Architects. Formed in 1834 the institute is a prestigious celebration of British architecture, both modern and historic.

KJ Architects use architectural history to help us create new and innovative builds for our clients.  Our specialists have a wealth of experience in designing buildings in a wide range of styles and for varied sectors and purposes. We offer restoration services as well as full master plans and project management.

You can read more about our architectural know how and expertise online.

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    The History of British Architecture