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What is eco-architecture?

What is eco-architecture?

Living in an age where sustainability is the focus of most, if not all, industries, architecture has also adapted to include eco-friendly materials and technology. Many new buildings in cities and urbanised areas are being built with the environment in mind, and they are not only functional but look spectacular.

Roof Garden

Sustainable building and design

The goal of eco-architecture is to have as little impact on the environment as possible. For example, habitats are often destroyed to make way for new buildings, but now new projects are being built in and around habitats to minimise the effect on wildlife and nature.

Where habitats are impacted, buildings are created with a replacement for nature in mind, such as grass roofs, or structures built into the landscape, including underground properties with spectacular skylights and clever lighting techniques to make the most of the natural light. Gardens are also being incorporated into new buildings to encourage local wildlife such as birds and insects to thrive in urban areas.

Sustainable materials, including recycled and second-hand products are often used alongside traditional materials such as steel and plastic. From salvaged timber to restored tiles and windows, there is a focus on re-using building materials and creating something new from something old.

Eco Architecture

A lot of these sustainable methods are often used on small scale projects such as conversions or extensions to add character to a property and to save money on building costs. KJ Architects have experience when it comes to re-inventing a space on a budget and can help source sustainable and recycled materials for use on any project.

Eco-friendly technology

Clever techniques are also included within eco architecture to make the running of the building sustainable for the environment too. Reflective materials, including mirrors in some cases, are used to reflect heat away from buildings which is an effective way to cool buildings, especially in warmer countries. This technology is reversible too to maintain heat with exterior walls that can adjust to warm a building up.

Eco Architecture Solar Panels
Solar panels are now often installed on new buildings to help maintain the running of the building with renewable energy and help keep maintenance costs down. With governments contributing to solar schemes, it’s now more efficient than ever for new buildings to be erected with renewable energy installations.

Water also acts as a natural heating and cooling system and KJ Architects have previously installed a water feature in new contemporary offices in Newmarket, Suffolk. Alongside air conditioning, it is more efficient, creates a beautiful feature and helps keep running costs low.

Eco-architecture from KJ Architects

KJ Architects work closely with all our clients to help create stunning projects, big or small, in London and the surrounding areas. All of our architects are RIBA and ARB approved, meaning you can rely on our reliability and expertise for your architectural project. If you’d like to make enquiries for your project or to find out how we work with sustainable materials and technology, contact KJ Architects online or call our experienced architects directly on 01638 662393.



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    What is eco-architecture?