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Why Employ an Architect?

When it comes to building, whether it’s an extension onto an existing property, a new home or office, it pays to use professionals. An architect will consult a client to discover the client’s wish list and how best to achieve it. This includes drawing up the new building in a suitable style and aesthetic, as well as determining what materials will be needed to construct it. In this post, we take a look at why you should employ an architect.

Planning and Building regulations

Speaking to the Telegraph, architect Julian Owen outlines the problem:

“Submissions are getting more complicated because planners have expanded their role. Planners are increasingly involved in minor matters that have little impact on the overall development, but take time to resolve and need experience.”

If you’re building a lean-to or a small extension to your home, you may not need an architect. However, for anything larger than this you’ll almost certainly need planning permission, and you’ll need to jump through a lot of bureaucratic hoops just to get to the point where you can begin building. Architects are familiar with regulations because they have to deal with them on a regular basis—they know what works and how best to achieve it. If you build something without the right permissions or in the wrong place it may be that you can’t insure it, and when it comes to selling your home it could hinder a sale.

Creative minds

It’s possible you could build a home without an architect, but if you don’t have the knowledge and experience of many years it’s probably just going to be a box with four walls and a door. An architect will be able to present you with a creative and innovative design, one that suits your needs.

Additionally, having consulted with you at length, it will be a design you actually like. If you’re spending the money to construct your own building, it would make sense to opt for a bold and interesting design.

With that said, building requires a creativity of a different kind too. Architects are trained to find creative solutions to problems that would prevent a layman from building. Perhaps there’s an awkward geographical feature on your property that would hinder construction of a traditional house. It’s the architect’s job to find a way to either incorporate it or build around it, and in a way that suggests it was never a hindrance at all.

Provide value for money and space

Kevin McCloud, of Grand Designs fame, once said:

“A good architect actually pays for themselves – more than once. You will reap the reward and the building will be hugely better and deliver much better value for it.”

Like many of us, you probably don’t have experience of monitoring a building site and keeping a project on budget and on target. But an architect can perform this function for you. If you decide to go without an architect and end up running over budget and several weeks (or even months) late, a project could will end up costing more than it would have done with an architect at the helm. They also know how best to use the space you have available, getting the most from your site, whether that’s an extension, or building on a new plot of land.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional architect. Interested in hiring an architect? Find out more on our website.



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    Why Employ an Architect?